Hacking Bitsy to run AI PT. 2: Ghosts N Stuff

Click to play game Welcome to the second part where I will be going over the actual AI / game programming, and how I got it to interface with Bitsy. If you haven't read the first part, you can find it here Communicating between Bitsy and our Code. This game uses the standard start/update function convention (named pStart() , and pUpdate() respectively in the code). I lodged the pStart() function call right after load_game() in the startExportedGame() function. so that it is called first thing, but also after all the game data has been initialized. It's job is to simply set up our own game variables and objects. Then I called the pUpdate() function in two places. Once at the end of pStart() in the form of a "setInterval" which is set to update every 300 miliseconds, and a special world.player.update() (more on this in a second) was forcefully stuffed into Bitsy's updateInput() function to update the player position every time a key is pres

Hacking Bitsy to run AI PT. 1: Getting to know Bitsy

Click to play game I'm finishing out my last year of college and since I don't have any required courses left in my Comp Sci major, one of the classes I am taking is a game design course. It's an "Intro to game design," course, and as such it's focusing more on the "design," aspect, and less on technical skills. For example: Our last project was to make a non-digital version of a video game so we turned Mario Kart into a board game (which kicked major ass btw). It's a really fun course and I'm having a blast! Anyways, our current project is to design our own game. Since the course is mainly a freshman course and a lot of the other students haven't had any programming classes yet we are limited to really basic game creation tools. Introducing...(drumroll) BITSY! Enter Bitsy . Bitsy is a simple game engine and editor that allows you to make fun little games centered around conversations and picking up items. There's no

I need to switch to Linux... BAD (rant)

First off, I want to say that I can't switch to Linux quite yet. I still use Premiere and After Effects to make my videos, and would lose access to a large portion of my steam library if I made the switch. Dual booting is also very slow, and I don't want to have to switch between 2 OSs every time I want to do different tasks (I would have to record video / audio in linux, and then do graphics in Windows). When I can finally get Resolve to install correctly on Ubuntu, Eevee integrates a few more key features, and Steam's proton gets a little better, I will make the switch in a heartbeat. Now the rant. I haven't had a single issue with Windows 10 in the three years I've used it, unless you count the slight licensing hiccup I had when I upgraded my Motherboard / CPU, but that was resolved quickly. Things worked more or less how they should, and even though I really like different flavors of Linux that I've used on my laptop, there was really no reason for

Live Streaming is... weird

Ok, so I did my first live stream a few weeks ago. I didn't think " REALLY  slow After Effects work," would be interesting at all to watch, but I figured it would be more of just a way to get some viewers in the chat room and interact with the people who watch my videos, while at the same time getting some work done. I was correct about exactly two of those three things. It was really fun chatting with people in stream! It's a shame that the chat wasn't recorded, because it just leaves big gaps in the archived footage where I'm not doing anything on screen except typing. I also showed a few things that have absolutely no context without the chat such as: 41:10 This is the first anmation I ever made XD 45:17  These are some animations from a small studio I'm currently working for. More on that soon 1:38:56  I was looking at a YouTube channel of somebody in the chat. Turns out we knew some of the same people, but he just stumbled on my channel

Accountability(); Pt. 2 From failure to success

I've written many drafts of the second part of this, but in truth most of the development was pretty boring. I mean, I found it fun, but it's incredibly boring to write about so instead I am just going to do a quick overview of the development. It started out with me learning the Android SDK, which works a lot like C#, however is WAY more flexible and hands on, which I love. Instead of being limited to only designing the interface with the WISYWIG like in C#, you can manually design it will XML, and really dive deep under the hood to tell everything how to link together. I then built a "Server" application in C# that could be used on the desktop to add and edit the master list of students, and transfer it over to the tablets using .JSON with a push of a button. It was also planed to have this app be the main base for handling the inter-tablet communication. The app would read these .JSON files from local storage, and display this list with a few extra butto

Write Ups

Nobody but porn bots read this blog anyways, so I don't think they will mind if I change things up a bit. For my next few YouTube tutorials I am going to try to do a Write-up along side the video and see how much time that takes. If it takes too long, or not that many people are reading them, I will probably stop, however I'm interested to see how it turns out. I'll still probably finish up my Accountability posts this weekend with a really quick summary, and post a little more random stuff about freelance work and life. If you are an actual human, and read this blog, let me know XD

Accountability(); Pt. 1 Intro

Procrastination is a wonderful thing. I meant to start documenting this back in august when I started working on the app, but then I made a promise to myself that I would do it the next day. Anyways, it's November, so better late then never right? According to blogspot the only people who read this blog anyways are bots from porn websites, so who am I disappointing? The Basic Premise As a quick reminder I currently work at an after-school care program for elementary school students, and one of the main things that we have to do is something called "Accountability." Unlike a normal classroom, where a teacher will tend to deal with his/her entire class as a whole IE: Sending them to music, the gym, computer lab, etc, we allow kids to move (somewhat) freely between different rooms, such as the art room, gym, multi-purpose, and alike. This means we CONSTANTLY need to keep track of which kids are in which room as they switch. Pretty much every school in our prog