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Live Streaming is... weird

Ok, so I did my first live stream a few weeks ago. I didn't think "REALLY slow After Effects work," would be interesting at all to watch, but I figured it would be more of just a way to get some viewers in the chat room and interact with the people who watch my videos, while at the same time getting some work done. I was correct about exactly two of those three things.

It was really fun chatting with people in stream! It's a shame that the chat wasn't recorded, because it just leaves big gaps in the archived footage where I'm not doing anything on screen except typing. I also showed a few things that have absolutely no context without the chat such as:

41:10 This is the first anmation I ever made XD45:17 These are some animations from a small studio I'm currently working for. More on that soon1:38:56 I was looking at a YouTube channel of somebody in the chat. Turns out we knew some of the same people, but he just stumbled on my channel by chance somehow. …