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Hacking Bitsy to run AI PT. 2: Ghosts N Stuff

Welcome to the second part where I will be going over the actual AI / game programming, and how I got it to interface with Bitsy. If you haven't read the first part, you can find it here

Communicating between Bitsy and our Code.
This game uses the standard start/update function convention (named pStart(), and pUpdate() respectively in the code).

I lodged the pStart() function call right after load_game() in the startExportedGame() function. so that it is called first thing, but also after all the game data has been initialized. It's job is to simply set up our own game variables and objects.

Then I called the pUpdate() function in two places. Once at the end of pStart() in the form of a "setInterval" which is set to update every 300 miliseconds, and a special world.player.update() (more on this in a second) was forcefully stuffed into Bitsy's updateInput() function to update the player position every time a key is pressed.
Hindsight: If I were to do this again I …

Hacking Bitsy to run AI PT. 1: Getting to know Bitsy

I'm finishing out my last year of college and since I don't have any required courses left in my Comp Sci major, one of the classes I am taking is a game design course. It's an "Intro to game design," course, and as such it's focusing more on the "design," aspect, and less on technical skills. For example: Our last project was to make a non-digital version of a video game so we turned Mario Kart into a board game (which kicked major ass btw). It's a really fun course and I'm having a blast!

Anyways, our current project is to design our own game. Since the course is mainly a freshman course and a lot of the other students haven't had any programming classes yet we are limited to really basic game creation tools.

Introducing...(drumroll) BITSY!

Enter Bitsy. Bitsy is a simple game engine and editor that allows you to make fun little games centered around conversations and picking up items. There's no scripting language, and only a few …