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Live Streaming is... weird

Ok, so I did my first live stream a few weeks ago. I didn't think "REALLY slow After Effects work," would be interesting at all to watch, but I figured it would be more of just a way to get some viewers in the chat room and interact with the people who watch my videos, while at the same time getting some work done. I was correct about exactly two of those three things.

It was really fun chatting with people in stream! It's a shame that the chat wasn't recorded, because it just leaves big gaps in the archived footage where I'm not doing anything on screen except typing. I also showed a few things that have absolutely no context without the chat such as:

41:10 This is the first anmation I ever made XD45:17 These are some animations from a small studio I'm currently working for. More on that soon1:38:56 I was looking at a YouTube channel of somebody in the chat. Turns out we knew some of the same people, but he just stumbled on my channel by chance somehow. …

Accountability(); Pt. 2 From failure to success

I've written many drafts of the second part of this, but in truth most of the development was pretty boring.

I mean, I found it fun, but it's incredibly boring to write about so instead I am just going to do a quick overview of the development.

It started out with me learning the Android SDK, which works a lot like C#, however is WAY more flexible and hands on, which I love. Instead of being limited to only designing the interface with the WISYWIG like in C#, you can manually design it will XML, and really dive deep under the hood to tell everything how to link together.

I then built a "Server" application in C# that could be used on the desktop to add and edit the master list of students, and transfer it over to the tablets using .JSON with a push of a button. It was also planed to have this app be the main base for handling the inter-tablet communication.

The app would read these .JSON files from local storage, and display this list with a few extra buttons attach…

Write Ups

Nobody but porn bots read this blog anyways, so I don't think they will mind if I change things up a bit.

For my next few YouTube tutorials I am going to try to do a Write-up along side the video and see how much time that takes. If it takes too long, or not that many people are reading them, I will probably stop, however I'm interested to see how it turns out.

I'll still probably finish up my Accountability posts this weekend with a really quick summary, and post a little more random stuff about freelance work and life.

If you are an actual human, and read this blog, let me know XD