Live Streaming is... weird

Ok, so I did my first live stream a few weeks ago. I didn't think "REALLY slow After Effects work," would be interesting at all to watch, but I figured it would be more of just a way to get some viewers in the chat room and interact with the people who watch my videos, while at the same time getting some work done. I was correct about exactly two of those three things.

It was really fun chatting with people in stream! It's a shame that the chat wasn't recorded, because it just leaves big gaps in the archived footage where I'm not doing anything on screen except typing. I also showed a few things that have absolutely no context without the chat such as:

  • 41:10 This is the first anmation I ever made XD
  • 45:17 These are some animations from a small studio I'm currently working for. More on that soon
  • 1:38:56 I was looking at a YouTube channel of somebody in the chat. Turns out we knew some of the same people, but he just stumbled on my channel by chance somehow. Small world!

While it was really fun and definitely something I have to do again soon, I got almost no work done. In the 2 hour stream, I animated only a mere 6 seconds of video :/

Man, streaming weird though. I'm usually pretty relaxed doing things like public speaking, but when I finished setting up obs, and first switched from "Private" to "Public" the nerves hit me like a semi. I just got this feeling sort of like I had to perform, and it was really unsettling. You can even see it at the beginning of the video. I'm really stiff and don't move at all. It wasn't until I started interacting with the chat around 10-15 minutes in that I finally started to relax and feel comfortable.

No matter what the result, it was still a great learning experience. Learning things like "Hey, when your stream is set to private, but then goes public, people can rewind and see everything you did when it was private!" (Thankfully nothing too bad was on that part of the stream, but I still deleted the first attempt at lightning speed once I found out just in case).

I plan on doing another live stream within the next few weeks. Don't know what I'll do on it though. Maybe I'll work on the Patreon video more, or maybe I'll model something. Maybe I'll just live stream myself eating a gigantic bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Only time will tell...


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