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Resurrection and... Othello();

I decided instead of letting this blog just sit here, I might as well use it to share some of my personal projects and talk a little bit about them.

Recently I had realized that throughout all of my programming projects that I have worked on, be it personal or freelance, I have never once programmed an AI! I mean, technically I have, but I would hardly count a stationary floor turret as an "Artificial Intelligence," as all it did was do some trig on the players position to figure out what angle to point. So I started looking up dozens of videos on AI theory, and A* algorithms, but then I realized I didn't have a project to build an AI into.

Enter, the Othello project. As I said in my first post,  I work at an after-school care program at an elementary school, which means I do a lot of games and activities with the kids. One of the big games that the kids always want to play is Othello, and so just out of curiosity I decided to try and program an Othello AI with the goal…