Hi, my name is Zach. I live in St. Louis Missouri where I work part time for an after school care program at a local elementary school. My real passion is for programming and game design, where I have worked tons of freelance jobs as a 3D modeler, programmer, level designer, and more. I also run a semi-successful Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/zoonyboyz where I make tutorials teaching people how to do Visual Effects, 3D modelling, and some random stuff every now and then.

This blog will be about life working in the field of independent game design and programming, covering topics that might help you succeed, while having fun along the way, because that's what it's about: Enjoying what you do, and being proud of your work.

DISCLAMER: In case I either forget to delete this, or decide to continue blogging afterwards, I feel the need to point out here that this blog was initially done for an English project. This explains why the first several posts were all made within a few hours of each other and why I pretend to have an actual audience XD


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    1. And either way, you may wanna delete this comment when you've seen it, though I can't imagine I'm gonna get a deluged inbox :)


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