The 3 types of indie developers you will work with

Whether you are a freelancer like me working on a project, or are leading your own project, you are going to see these 3 types of indie developers, if you are not one yourself.

1. The Dreamer
-These people tend to be really young (like I'm talking 11-13), pretending online to be much older. They will start a project with dreams of becoming the next <insert AAA game that cost millions of dollars to make here> and truly believe they can do it after they saw the most recent Unreal Engine demo trailer and downloaded it themselves (but curiously have never seemed to actually open it). The have these grand visions of stories and explosions that will make your head spin. I was one of these, and have accidentally worked for a short time with one. It's usually best to just leave the project, but stay in touch. Most of the time they will calm down in a few years, and get an ACTUAL game project going, while maintaining a lot of the same drive and determination.

2. The Slacker
-It will be longer into the project before you notice this guy. Usually the project will be going along surprisingly well, until one day when you are on a Skype meeting with the team discussing the tasks of the upcoming week, when you realize that he hasn't assigned him self any work, and you realize he is "That guy." As in, "That Guy," in every group project since elementary school who appoints himself as the "Idea Person," who exists solely to throw in a suggestion every now and again, but in general has no actual purpose for being there. It's a good Idea to collect whatever money you are owed and leave, or organize a coup and appoint someone else to lead the project.

3. The "I didn't expect the kickstarter to work"
-These are a little less common, but they do exist. These people often have a good basis to build a game off of, and can be rather talented. They set out to make a game they want to make, get some sort of founding, whether that be through a kickstarter or a small publisher, and then realize they are in over their head have no idea how to manage a game project. They will run out of money in no time, and more than likely the project will come to a screeching halt. Get out while you still can!


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