I am working for a time traveler

So today I would like to tell a little story in honor of back to the future day. This is a true story, and happened around a month and a half ago in late August or early September (too long to be a back to the future joke), and I was debating if I should blog about it as I was still working for the guy, but now as the project is coming to a close, and I doubt I am getting paid anyways, I don't feel bad at all posting this to the internet.

I am working for a guy who thinks he is a time traveler. I really wish I was making this up, because that would mean he isn't bat shit insane, and I would still probably get paid for this project, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Let me start from the beginning. Last year along with graduating from my normal high school, I also graduated from a half day technical school I was attending as well (which I won't name due to the contents of this story). I was studying computer programming, and (it's hard to say this humbly) I was without a doubt one of the top 2 programmers in the class, with it being a neck and neck (friendly) competition between me and this other guy. This being so, when a call came into the school asking if they had any willing programmers to help with a small project, they asked me if I was interested (the other guy wasn't too much of a people person) and I said yes. The project was one guy (who we will call Paul) who wanted a chess program developed to help blindfolded chess players memorize the spaces on the board or something like that. I am still not really sure, but the program is in a working state now so that's all that matters.

Anyways, weeks go by as I work on this project in my spare time, until one Friday, as I am driving around a parking lot at around 11:00 at night looking for my friends party, I get a call on my phone from Paul.

The phone call starts off how all the others have, with him explaining some more about the details of how he is securing the website, and how the program will be launched and implemented, listing some features he needs implemented, saying how he's seen the year 3622, before closing out the call with a few notes on what's needed to get the web server provider.

My phone was on speaker up on my dash, and by this point my friend had come out to the car and gotten in my passenger seat waiting for me to finish up the call. As he struggled to contain his laughter at the fact that I was working for a guy who thinks he is a time traveler, I asked what he meant by the fact that he "has seen the year 3622." I thought I misunderstood him, and jokingly asked something along the lines "like, did you travel to the future or something?" He took this question rather head on and clarified that no, he did not travel forward in time, but was rather born in 3622, and has come BACK to take advantage of the technological age, before computers become so sophisticated that they write their own code, and no profit can be made from programming.

At this point my friend choked on his cigarette and had to leave the car due to his spontaneous eruption of laughter. I tried to keep a straight face and finished out the phone call as fast as I could.

I only talked to him one time since then, and am trying to finish the program as fast as I can so I can be done with it. I would have dropped the project right after that call, but as it was more or less a request of my technical school, I didn't want this to negatively affect them.

So here I am, still working for a guy who thinks he's from the future.

EDIT FROM THE ACTUAL FUTURE: I never spoke to this guy again. I still have the code sitting on my hard drive in 2017


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